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Farm Studio is located in the deep forests of Norway - appx. one hour drive from Oslo and the airport. From the outside it looks like a traditional stable. Inside you´ll discover a brand-new professional recording studio. Here you can record on your own or with assistance from some of the best producers, mixers and sound professionals available. If you need to work on a project over several days, we are happy to let you stay in our own studio apartment with a homely atmosphere.



Audio can be stored in countless ways, in one or many different kinds of media for distribution. Whether you want your music distributed on vinyl, CD or by downloading / streaming, the format and technical details must be adapted to each medium. In this artwork ​​many adjustments are made, so that the music sounds at its best technically. The different tracks should appear as a sonic unit,  but also stand out as special among other music in the same genre.



Sound mixing is used for recording and editing to balance volumes and frequencies from one or many sources. This can be musical instruments and singers in a band, orchestra sections , announcers and journalists, crowd noise etc .


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