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We live and work at The Farm on a daily basis. In addition we have a network of talented professionals in many different fields. With different skills they complement each other and makes it possible for us to offer a tailored package no matter what needs and desires you have. Please contact one of us, let us find out how we can put everything together so that your creativity will blossom!

Kari Meyer

Daily operations and business manager

Tel.: +47 908 49 441

With over 30 years experience in various advertising agencies, Kari has worked as a media consultant, copywriter, project manager and managing director. She is responsible for the daily operations of Farm Studio and makes sure everyone have what they need, whether they are visiting for a few hours or staying at The Farm for shorter or longer periods. Kari is also the managing director of Tam Tam @ The Farm (advertising- and event agency), she is the manager of several exciting Norwegian and American artists and founder of festivals and events at The Farm, as the TELLFORTELL festival.

Magne Hellesjø

Studio Manager/Producer

Tel.: +47 996 41 362

Magne has many years experience with music, both as a songwriter, guitarist and drummer. He has worked with the production of several albums - both for Norwegian and foreign artists, such as the 7th album of Mike Beck: Alta California.



Grapic Design/Photoshoot




For larger productions we can put together a team of professionals based on what you need - for example music service, arranging, composition, copywriting and music production.

We also offer graphic designs (logodesigns, coverdesigns, websites etc.), profiling / photoshoots for press and cover, marketing / launch, presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and management.

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