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Farm Studio is suited for all; both for young musicians who are in the initial phase and for more experienced artists who work with larger productions. Below are some of our basic prices. Feel free to contact us so we can customize a price, based on circumstances, your desires and possibilities.


Booking of the studio for three hours or less, is billed with our starting price of NOK 1350, -. The start price is a fixed minimum price for smaller productions like demo sketches, simple CD production and karaoke recordings (simple vocal on manufactured music) for bachelor parties etc., where the number of studio hours do not exceed three hours. Hours beyond this is billed by our hourly rate of NOK 450, -.

RECORDING: NOK 450 pr. hour (min three hours = NOK 1 350.-)

CHECK IN: from NOK 4 000.- pr. day incl. studio for six hours

When you check in to the Farm Studio the whole studio complex with accompanying studio apartment is yours 24 hours a day. You can enjoy a continuous creative process throughout the recording period, choose your own circadian rhythm and work for yourself. This is a cost effective and efficient way of working; The recording period is usually significantly shorter than normal, and total costs are lower compared to the average hourly rate in the studio, also because of less travel and accommodation expenses.

FOOD OPTIONS (alcoholic drinks not included):

Breakfast per person: NOK 50.-

Lunch per person: NOK 100.-

Dinner per person: NOK 200.-


For larger productions, we can offer a package price based on a calculated consumption of studio hours.


The package price may include:

- Studio rent

- Accommodation

- Food and drinks

- Musician services

- Arranging

- Composition

- Copywriting

- Music producer


We can also offer graphic design (logo, cover, website etc.), profiling / photography, marketing / launch, presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), booking and management (See Tam Tam @ The Farm)

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